Gaming Revolution: Legend of Elveron, Fall of Rome and Ferion

Decades ago, video games are two dimensional and are almost anti-social. Games are only played by one person, and at most, by two players. Moreover, most games during the 80s and 90s are played by only one player where a gamer only has to go against a computer to win. The boom of the internet and its effect to the gaming industry brought about the online strategy games-games which allow gamers to play and meet other gamers anywhere in the globe. In online strategy games, a gamer can go against any person anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet connections. Strategy online games revolutionized the way gamers play and enjoy video games. Not only can they satisfy their dream of being in the game world, they can also chat and meet other gamers with the same preference and interest as them. Here are some of online strategy games which brought change in the way people play the game.

First on the list is a game called Legend of Elveron. It is a unique online strategy game where you are given the option to choose between the forces of good or evil. A gamer is given the freedom to choose among twelve races. Each race has its own strength and weakness. It is all up to you to strategize how you will be the best among the rest. The best aspect of this game is that you can team up with your friends who can also choose their own race depending on their likes. You can invite your friends to join your clan keep your kingdom away from your enemies. Unlike other online strategy games that require full download versions and shows too many pop-ups and advertisements during the game, Legend of Elveron requires no download of any version or file patch unlike other online strategy games.

Another famous online game is Fall of Rome. The game카지노사이트 is set on the Roman dark ages, after the fall of the last Roman emperor. Your goal in this game is to outwit all the other human leaders who want to kill your leader and seize the throne themselves. This game requires you to strategically make your way to success and the establishment of your empire, getting rid of your enemies on the way. Like any other empire, you must take control of a king, a high priestess, your army and even the village. The Fall of Rome is a game which entices gamers because of the freedom it gives to them in establishing an empire and at the same time a complex game play which everyone would want to experience.