Keep your group glad and inspired with EasyTip

Even for the most experienced business owners, the hospitality industry is difficult enough to navigate. Even when customers return to their normal lives, the recovery process can still be complicated by the many obstacles.

According to a study conducted by Deputy, in 2019, the industry’s annual staff turnover was 30%. This is twice the UK average. And the situation has only gotten worse with Brexit and Covid. The loss of key staff members can lead to a decrease in productivity and morale. It is essential to find and retain the best people in the hospitality industry. EasyTip could be a valuable tool for creating a happy work environment with motivated employees.

The hospitality staff are hard workers and provide excellent customer service. Employees deserve to be generously recognized and loyal customers desire to tip. Habits have undoubtedly changed.

Tipping is evolving as cashless tipping means that staff can’t get the same amount of cash tips as they would like. EasyTip is the most trusted platform for collecting tips and disbursing them fairly, transparently, and without cash. The software package can be customized to suit the needs of any venue, including hospitality and services.

EasyTip takes out the hassles involved in accepting tips by bankcard. It also conforms to HMRC and service fee regulations. You can feel confident that everything is in order. has many benefits for your business. Here are some examples:

Tipping has never been easier, quicker or more accessible for everyone.

EasyTip, a powerful and easy-to-use technology solution that allows customers to tip by scanning a QR code. Customers don’t need to download an application to use EasyTip. Cashless tips are sent directly from the app to the individual bank accounts of staff. The configuration that suits the venue best can be divided and distributed in a fairer, more transparent manner than ever before. EasyTip, despite the fact that there are many ways venues can collect tips, and new legislation regarding service charges on the horizon making it more difficult for you to create a consistent, transparent tipping system that staff love, is the perfect partner!


Employers can earn as much as 20% more per month!

Staff can make a lot of money by using our online platform to tip. This allows them more control over their earnings. According to the Deputy study 63% of all hospitality staff who left were unhappy with their pay and benefits. EasyTip is able to help ease any dissatisfaction through a customized contactless tipping arrangement. EasyTip is free for staff to increase their take home pay up to 20% every month.

All tips can live be seen by employees.

Our tipping platform provides instant notifications to employees so they know when and how much are being tipped. How does it work? It’s quite simple. Customers will see a QR Code for Tips on their receipt. This code takes them to a page that is associated with the person who served them. The QR codes in our bespoke merchandising allow salons and other venues to identify the correct staff member. The customer can then tip via Apple Pay and Google Pay or by credit card.

EasyTip is more than a tip platform or platform for simplifying the troncs. It also offers great tech resources that can help everyone stay more focused on their customer service while encouraging a collaborative spirit. Make sure you mention EasyTip when interviewing potential employees.

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