Liverpool Football Club: Dire Straits To Say The Least

To say the last 6 months have been turbulent for Liverpool FC would be a great understatement, current owners Gillette and Hicks have driven the company into unbearable debts and are doing all they can to sell it off and selfishly salvage some profit.

Previous manager Rafa Benitez came under huge criticism as he led the club into one of their poorest seasons in history. It seems like it all went downhill since they won the European Champions League in 2005.

New manager Roy Hodgeson had the odds stacked against him when taking over the club earlier in the year and made the controversial decision to sell some of the players to free up some cash for the club.

Even two months ago the club finally lost its deal with longstanding sponsors Carlsberg. And just when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, the club saw light on the horizon with takeover interest from Chinese businessman Kenny Huang. Huang had the backing of a well funded government organisation which, although controversial, could have brought some well needed funds to the club.

Chinese investment would have also meant a large  ufbet ราคาค่าน้ำ Asian following and probable sponsorship deals. But in a move that disgruntled everyone, the American owners turned down the bid, despite pressure from RBS to repay debts. Huang even offered to pay off the debt as well as pay over the asking price for the club.

Now, in light of the team’s poor start to the new season, with losses to some of the lowest ranking teams, the banks are threatening to claim their debts, sending Liverpool into administration which would also cost them 10 points.

Recently, Boston Red Sox owners; New England Sports Venture group has offered 300m for the club, a deal that the current board is happy to accept but Gillette and Hicks are willing to take legal action to prevent. The current owners are adamant they will not sell the club without making a healthy profit for themselves, an opinion which has cost them several investment opportunities. If this new venture firm acquires the club, their debts will be repaid and their future could once again look bright.