Pau D’Arco

Although not one of the most frequently mentioned herbal medicines, pau d’arco is also not one of the least often discussed ones. It is also fairly simple to find. Stores that sell herbal tea might have this included in their stock. So what is this herb? Let’s jump into the topic.

What is pau d’arco?

The product that is used in this herbal medicine isn’t a flower, fruit, or something along those lines. It is actually the inner bark of a tree. There are at least two types of trees that it can be taken from, with both hailing from the Tabebuia genus. This plant often grows in South America. However, its area of growth also reaches into Mexico. It can even be found in Florida, although its growth in the United States may not be particularly widespread.

How is this herbal medicine taken?

Pau d’arco is frequently used in tea form. If using tea bags, then the ratio is one bag to 8 fluid ounces of water. That comes out to roughly 240 ml, if you use that ibutamoren for sale system instead. If the tea that you have is simply loose bark, then you can use the same amount of water per tablespoon of the tea. Some people boil the water slowly with the tea in it, while others simply add the bark to already-boiled water. The amount of time you leave the bark in the water may also vary. In some cases, low amounts of time like 3 minutes are mentioned. Otherwise, you could leave the tea in for half an hour, or even longer. Give it a taste after several minutes, and see how it is coming along. If preferred, you can sweeten your drink. Sugar (white, raw, brown, etc.), honey, or even another option could be used.