The Cost of Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning – Is It Worth It?

Duct cleaning is an error To improve your air quality and power efficiency of your air conditioning system It is recommended to complete an HVAC system clean is necessary (HVAC is an abbreviation that means heating and ventilation as well as AC).

Duct Cleaning Impacts the efficiency of AC Systems

Based on the EPA the EPA, a build-up that is less than 4/10ths one-inch of dirt over the cooling coils can cause the loss of 21% of the effectiveness for the cooling coils. But duct cleaning is not the only thing that affects those cooling coils. Cooling coils are responsible for removing the heat and humidity from the air inside your home. If they’re not functioning effectively the AC system will have to be more efficient, run longer, and consume more power in order to keep your house cool in addition to how the air that you breath flows over the dust that is on the coils. Air duct cleaning that doesn’t address the coils is like cleaning the hose of your vacuum cleaner and not emptying your bag it’s a complete wasted time and expense. Your air ducts may be in good condition, but your air handling system (which includes the cooling coil, blower and plenum box from where the entire air ductwork begins) is still working poorly and could be affecting the quality of your air.

Our opinion is that the expense of cleaning the ducts in your air conditioner isn’t worth the expense. The entire system must be cleaned to enjoy the benefits of improved indoor air quality and greater energy efficiency.

The air coming from your house is able to enter the AC system via the return grill, which is the large vent that houses the filter in. The most commonly used fiberglass filters are just 77% effective at blocking dirt from entering them. If they were more effective they could also limit the flow of air to your AC which means it will need to run for longer in order to keep your house cool. Air is drawn through the blower and then pushed air filters cleaning across cool coils. The moment the air gets into contact with the cooling coils that moisture and heat are released. The moisture is pushed through the coils and into the condensate pan, similar to like the way that moisture condenses and flows down the mirror in your bathroom during an intense shower. This is where it gets pumped towards the outside of your home. Since the coils are damp, they are likely to absorb dirt from the air quicker than dry surfaces and provide an excellent place to grow microbial colonies. The conditioned air is then pumped into the plenum box and is distributed to the air ducts as well as AC vents. The cooling coils, the blower and the plenum box all form the same unit and are referred to as”the air handler. This is the central component of your AC system.

There are many Duct cleaning services are created equal.

The issue is that in a lot of states in the United States, unless the company is licensed with an HVAC license and is licensed, they are not allowed to clean or access these parts. This is to safeguard your system from being access by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. In these states, all that an unlicensed duct cleaner is able to do is access whatever they can get by removing your AC registers while the rest of the system remains unaffected. This means that cleaning ducts without cleaning the air handler’s components is not a good idea.

But the total HVAC system cleaning performed by an authorized company is well worth the price, especially when compared to the expense for having hrv cleaning the system cleaned but notdoing it. According to the Louisiana Coop Extension Service estimates that 9 of HVAC system failures are due to dirt and dust. The system that is dirty has to perform more work and last longer than a system that is clean. Consider it is the case that it is the case that EPA has discovered that indoor the air is 70 percent more polluted than outside air as well as that an average house is prone to collecting about 40 pounds of dust per every year (Discover Magazine) And you’ll understand the importance of keeping the cleanliness of your home and system.